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The Ticker Archives

  • Postings 2013.
  • Postings November & December, 2012. The Democrats win the presidency and call it a landslide, looking at the statistics, New Years' resolutions and more.
  • Postings October, 2012. Climate change is not an issue, but its consequences and ancillaries are, girls read books, and what would politicians do without abortion? And more.
  • Postings September, 2012. The campaign begins, Mitt Romney inserts foot in mouth, the Pentagon worries about climate change, and more.
  • Postings August, 2012. The Republican National Convention, colleges and universities and classes are starting, Neil Armstrong dies, and more.
  • Postings July, 2012. Honey and vinegar, US in the slow lane, edgy conservatives, preparing for the Republican National Convention, and more.

The Feature Archives

I also collect quotes, and here are some quotes (of dubious provenance) on Good and Evil and Power and Truth and on Freedom and Differences.